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Khmer Legal Interpreters Worldwide
Video / Phone Remote Interpreting also available

Khmer to English, English to Khmer and Multiple other Languages

The ability to understand one another is a crucial component within all legal matters. Before proceedings can commence, the concerned parties must be able to communicate with ease, across any pertinent language barriers. Without this, information may be incorrectly conveyed. At TJC Global, we understand the challenge that legal interpreting presents.

This is why we take great care in ensuring that our legal interpreters meet the highest professional standards. We have provided high-quality legal interpreters with substantial experience in litigation, deposition and arbitration, for over 25 years. Our network of professional and experienced legal interpreters spans the globe.

In addition, we are also able to provide experienced interpreters for police interviews; face-to-face meetings between solicitors, barristers, attorneys and clients; legal conferences and seminars and all types of hearings and tribunals.

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Looking for Legal Document Translation rather than Interpreting?

TJC Global offers legal translation services for a variety of legal material and documents documents including, but not limited to: letters, legal documents, contracts, summonses, evidentiary documents, statements, patents etc. For further information, please see our Legal Translation Service page.

Our Legal Services also cover the following areas: