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Professional Translation Services in multiple languages Worldwide

We provide professional translation services in multiple languages worldwide, covering numerous industries and sectors, including the following fields.

Business Transaltion


Our business translation service helps you communicate on a global scale. Our business translators cover business meeting translation, translations relating to conferences and patent translations.

Legal translator

TJC Global can provide expert legal translators for arbitration; patents; intellectual property law; litigation; mediation and tribunals.

finance translators


TJC Global has a network of expert translators, all of whom have specialist knowledge of the financial sector. They can cover documents relating to banking law, banking and corporate finance.

Engineering translator


Our translators can assist you with translations relating to automotive; biochemical; biomedical; bionuclear; mechanical; medical; structural; nuclear; aerospace; environmental and genetic engineering.

medical transaltion


TJC Global can assist you with all your medical translation needs, including those relating to medical engineering, pharmaceuticals, biomedical engineering, stem cell research, clinical engineering and clinical trials.

environmental translator


Our translation services enable you to communicate on a global scale about environmental issues, including environmental sustainable development, carbon industry, global warming and water conservation.



Our large network of linguists is able to provide translation services for every aspect of science physical geography, geology, oceanography, geophysics, petrology and structural geology.



TJC Global is a world leader in providing technical interpretation services for many highly specialised and scientific industries including biotechnology, nanotechnology and computer science.

renewable energy

Renewable Energy

We can provide translation services for various fields, including biofuel, biomass, solar, nuclear, water/hydropower and wind power.



TJC is a leader in providing translating services for many highly specialised and scientific-technological industries including nanotechnology, software and hardware, telecommunications and IT computer systems.

government & public sector

Government & Public Sector

Our translators’ expertise means they can assist you with enquiries relating to governmental institutions and documentation relating to the public sector.

non profit interpreters

Non-Profit Organisations

If you require language services in humanitarian aid, animal protection, social issues, charities, research, or other endeavours on behalf of an NPO, we have the experience to help you. Our translators cover charities and humanitarian development.

public & media translator

Publications & Media

We offer translation services for all aspects of publication and media. From newspapers to television, from radio to gaming, we can help. We cover advertising and marketing, TV and film and books and newspapers.

agriculture translator


Our translators specialising in the agricultural sector can assist you with any documents for industries including agricultural engineering, agroforestry, genetically modified food, sustainable farming, farming & livestock, deforestation and fish farming.

Research & Academic

Research & Academic

TJC can assist with all your research projects, including conference papers and articles. We can help you receive translation support for research and academic journals and Oxford / Oxford University.

retail & consumer

Retail & Consumer

Our expert interpreters can assist with your retail and marketing requirements including for crafts, fashion, food and drink and music. TJC Global is your first stop for knowledge and expertise in the consumer sector.



Our global interpretation service enables us to provide professional linguists for all educational projects, reports, articles and journals as well as special educational needs and Oxford/Oxford University-related documents.

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