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Romanian Translation and Interpreting Services

Professional Romanian Translators and Interpreters

English to Romanian, Romanian to English and multiple other languages.


At TJC Global, we are able to provide Romanian linguists with experience in various fields including law, medicine, industry, technology and engineering, to cover both written (translation) and spoken (interpreting/interpretation) enquiries. Our ability to tailor our services to suit individual requirements ensures professional, faithful and well-informed language services in locations across the globe. 

Thanks to their knowledge of industry-specific terminology, TJC's professional translators are able to deliver document translations of the highest quality. While, our Romanian interpreters demonstrate extensive interpreting experience along with the cultural business knowledge - ensuring successful communication between parties at meetings, conferences and other events.  We are proud to offer first rate certified interpreters who can cover many varieties of interpreting including: simultaneous, consecutive, whispering and facilitating, depending upon our clients' individual needs. 


For more information on the fields covered by our Romanian translators and interpreters, please see the pages below:



Romanian Legal Interpreters
Romanian Legal Translation
Romanian Arbitration Interpreters
Romanian Court Interpreters



Romanian Conference Interpreters
Romanian Business Meeting Interpreters


Medical and Science

Romanian Medical and Pharmaceutical Translation




Romanian Technical Translation

About: Romanian

Despite the country's relative isolation in terms of location, Romanian is actually a Romance language, closely related to and to some extent mutually intelligible with Italian. Around 25 million people speak the language as their native tongue and 4 million speak it as a second language. Romanian is primarily spoken in Romania and in the Republic of Moldova, where it is known as Moldovan. Romanian as a broad term is used to describe several regional dialects which substantially differ from Daco-Romanian (Romanian proper) spoken in small communities in Croatia, Greece, Bulgaria, Albania, Serbia and Kosovo - these include:  Aromanian, Megleno-Romanian, and Istro-Romanian. Romanian is also the official language of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina in Serbia as well as the autonomous Mount Athos in Greece.

Interestingly, some scholars believe Romanian to be the closest existing language to Latin, specifically in terms of structure - it is also the only Romance language to retain the Latin disctinction between the long "o" and short "u" sounds. Romanian is the only Romance language whose definite articles come after the noun instead of before it. In Romanian, the correct use of verbs depends on many factors, including mood, person, number, tense, and voice, making it perhaps the most difficult to learn of all the Romance languages. In terms of written script, Romanian uses the Latin alphabet plus five extra letters: Ä‚, Â, Î, È˜, Èš, although there were at one time many more than this. 

Although most Romanian vocabulary finds its origins in Latin, around 20% of Romanian words are thought to be of Slavic descent due to the number of Slavic settlers who occupied modern Romania during the sixth century AD. Words of Albanian, Hungarian and Turkish origin are also present. 

Source: Encyclopaedia Britannica []


Just like any other nation, Romania has its own business etiquette. See our Doing Business in Romania Page to find out more.



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