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Korean Technical Translation Services
Professional Korean Technical Translators Worldwide

Although not a country traditionally renowned for advances in science and technology, South Korea has made dramatic progress since the 1960s. It now ranks among the largest automobile manufacturers in the world and its consumer electronics are globally esteemed. On an industrial level, it has long been one of the world’s leading shipbuilders and, with a market share of 29%, is second only to China. As a country with fingers in so many pies, international mergers, projects, contracts and negotiatians may well involve Korean-speaking partners. In these cases, high-quality language assistance may be required.

At TJC Global, we know that when it comes to complex systems and machinery, language must be precise and transparent, particularly when highly specialised technical documents need translating. Our specialist Korean translators have industry experience and qualifications in a broad spectrum of technical and engineering sectors. Their knowledge of technical terminology and procedure allows for a precise and faithful rendering of your source text – making sure no misunderstandings can occur. With our tailored service, our clients can rest assures they will receive language assistance of unparalleled fluency and faithfulness whatever and wherever the project.

We are pleased to offer a range of services to cover all manner of language requirements in the technical and engineering sectors: from document translations to international meetings and conferences.

Please see the following pages for more information about the specialist areas covered by our Korean Technical translators:

About: South Korean Technical Expertise

Historically a country poor in natural resources, South Korea instead focused on becoming an export-oriented economy. Korea harnessed the power of both industural and high-tech engineering to achieve this and its major exports are now cars, ships, phones and electrical circuits while its economy remains one of the fastest growing in the world.

It is now among the world’s biggest automobile manufacturers and has been ranked as one of the world’s most technologically advanced nations. Home to Samsung and LG, Korean electronics are recognised throughout the world as high-quality consumer goods, allowing Korea to prove itself a strong competitor in this market.

Examples of documents we cover:

Installation and Instruction Manuals ; User manuals ; Assembly Instructions ; MSDS and Data Sheets ; Labels and Packaging ; Graphic User Interface ; Operation Manuals ; Repair Manuals ; Technical Proposals ; Training Guides and Manuals ; Specification Sheets ; Configuration Manuals ; Catalogs ; CAD Drawings ; IT/Computer Specifications and many more…

For more information about other areas covered by our Korean language experts, please see our Korean Translation and Interpreting Homepage.

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